CopyRITE Marketing

May 1, 2018
In progress
Aug 2018

General Update

August 20, 2018

Social media platforms for CopyRITE printing services has been created Currently creating database of external clients to reach out to through emails + mail-outs Drafted emails and mail-outs for internal outreach (academic departments) which will be sent out prior to the first week of school Developing graphics that will be used for signage; printed and distributed for frosh and the first week of school + posters that will be posted around campus Creating templates and graphic content so that social media platforms have enough content for the next few months Created branding guidelines for all CopyRITE marketing (including new brand colours, typography and sizing)

May 2018


May 01, 2018

CopyRITE provides a variety of printing services to students and external clients, however due to a lack of marketing, the business has been unable to reach new clients. Currently CopyRITE has little to no social media presence; there are accounts on Facebook and Instagram however these accounts have been inactive for over a year and have very little content. In additional there is little signage around campus to promote CopyRITE.

The goal of this marketing plan is to help CopyRITE further increase their clientele and market share within the printing services market as cost effectively as possible. CopyRITE has a goal of providing quality printing services to students at a discounted rate as well as external clients. The recommendations will provide direction for CopyRITE to pursue their goals with as many clients as possible.