SCIENCE - Free Printing

May 1, 2018
In progress
Aug 2018

General Update

August 20, 2018

Meeting with Dr. Santos went very well. He is interested in the initiative and is going to meet with the new Dean of the FoS to relay the information that was discussed in the meeting. Next steps: to find out the logistics of how the Faculty of Arts provides their free printing service.

Jul 2018

General Update

July 22, 2018

Emailed FoS associate dean to set up a meeting to talk about the initiative. Meeting set for August 20 at 11AM.

Jul 2018

General Update

July 09, 2018

Emailed the faculty of arts student liaison administrator asking for more information on the free printing service offered to arts students. Waiting on a response from the administrator.

May 2018

Campaign Promise

May 01, 2018

To provide free printing services for FoS students.