Mental Health Initiatives

May 1, 2018
In progress
Aug 2018

General Update

August 20, 2018

Mental health campaign initiative to begin. Recordings and video footage is to be created for this campaign.

Aug 2018

General Update

August 16, 2018

Allan MacDonald will be in attendance at the August 20th 2018 board meeting to get feedback from the Ryerson Students' Union regarding the Mental Health and Well Being plan.

Jul 2018

General Update

July 30, 2018

Met with Allan MacDonald to discuss mental health and well-being at Ryerson and what RSU's role can be in it. There will be a follow up meeting and further planning has started for RSU mental health initiatives.

Jul 2018

General Update

VP Equity Executive Report July 05, 2018

Brainstorming session held with the Wellness Centre Coordinator, Salman, and Special Projects Assistant- Education on what campaigns we should do.

Jun 2018


VP Equity Executive Report June 26, 2018

Met with Natalie Roach and attended a strategy hive ran by the Mental Health and Well-being Committee at Ryerson to understand the current structure of the services offered, how to improve them, as well as collect feedback from students, student staff, and faculty regarding these services.

May 2018

Campaign Promise

May 01, 2018

To start a campaign to increase mental health and mental health resource awareness on campus.