Focus on Brampton Campus

May 1, 2018
In progress
Aug 2018

Plans for Development

August 20, 2018

Working on proposals to communicate the need to the University. Reaching out to a number of faculty members to propose the possibility of a Brampton campus athletic centre that would maximize athletic and fitness space for Ryerson athletes and the student population. Following the discussions we have had with faculty members regarding the possibility of a Brampton campus RSU office, a proposal will be constructed by end of summer.

Jul 2018

Brampton Update

July 18, 2018

Chris Evans, Executive Lead Brampton Initiative, presented to the RSU Board to inform and gain feedback about the Brampton initiative. Chris has established that the RSU will receive space in Brampton to facilitate their work. We're working with the university to create an athletic partnership with a local facility.

May 2018

Campaign Promise

UNIFY Website May 01, 2018

Unify intends to give students a voice in the planning and development of Ryerson's Brampton campus, advocate for courses offered at both campuses to count towards students' degrees, and lobby for a multi-purpose outdoor sporting facility.