Equity Service Centres

May 1, 2018
In progress
Jul 2018

SASSL Update

VP Equity Executive Report July 11, 2018

Texting line has been approved and will be set up and be ready by September.

Jul 2018

2nd Floor Renovation Update

July 03, 2018

2nd Floor Renovations are on pause due to ensure that they are AODA compliant. Community members along with equity service centre staff have provided their feedback.

Jun 2018

Disorientation Planning

June 28, 2018

Disorientation planning in progress. Programming and date of event have been established. Room bookings in progress.

Jun 2018

Renovation Update

June 23, 2018

Updated SCC 2nd and 3rd floor blueprints. Needs of community members in the space were discussed with the VP Equity. Created 2D floor plan for renovated spaces.

May 2018

Renovations Update

May 30, 2018

First draft of the report for the ESC Renovations was completed including why do we want to do the renovation, pros and cons of the renovation, and how should we tackle the cons.

May 2018

2nd Floor Renovation

Eyeopener May 29, 2018

While no official details have been released surrounding the SCC’s second floor renovations, Vice-President Equity, Karolina Surowiec, will be in charge of its planning. [NOTE] Unsure if this decision is something the Equity Service Centre staff are in favour of or will have a say in. Remains to be seen how this will affect the ESC operations.

May 2018

Campaign Promise

UNIFY Website May 01, 2018

Ensure the outreach of the 6 Equity Service Centres to all Ryerson students.

May 2018

Campaign Promise

Eyeopener May 01, 2018

Ensure the outreach of the 6 Equity Services Centres to all Ryerson students. Many students don’t know these services exist or are available and that is a problem. Every student could benefit from at least one service.